Do you have hunting ground available? No.

Do you accept children? Adults only; 18 and up.

Is a deposit required? Yes.

Is there a minimum stay? No.

Maximum capacity? I have beds for 6 hunters, & lots of space for sleeping bags

Do you accept credit cards? No.

What dates are available? Give me a call.

Where are you located? Snicarte, IL, in the southern tip of Mason County. GPS brings you right to the driveway.

Comments from past guests: "Can you give cooking lessons to my wife?"

What is a typical breakfast? Whatever you want! And all you want! And I offer a thermos of coffee or hot cocoa & a snack for the pit/blind.

What is before-the-hunt dinner? Again, whatever you wish to eat, from fried chicken to roast beef. It will be down-home cooking, and there's always plenty!

What is a typical after-the-hunt lunch? Usually homemade soup with hearty sandwiches, sides and desserts.

Where do I kennel my dogs? I have 3 concrete-floored kennels, 6x6x6, with houses. In really bad weather, you may bring them in the house.

Is there a place to park a boat? I'm surrounded by 40 acres of available parking.

Is alcohol permitted? Certainly! I can't offer it, but you're welcome to BYO.

Smoking? Smokers are welcome; I smoke outside.

Nearby nightlife? Chandlerville is about 8 miles away and offers a local bar scene.

Cell phone reception? I usually have no trouble with mine, but I maintain a land phone at Hunters Hill, so communication is never a problem.

Internet access? Not yet
Hunters Hill Lodge Inc.
4187 CR  620 E
Bath, Illinois 62617
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